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On Vacation? Think Before You Ink!

It seems that risky behaviour just goes along with vacations, but getting tattooed or pierced in countries with little to no sanitation protocols is just crazy.  With all our health guidelines here at home, sterilized tools and proper equipment along with well trained experienced artists in clean shops, why would you take the chance abroad? […]

Ink and Needle Recall

Attention Tattoo Artists: Anyone who knows Titan Tattoo Supply knows that we don’t sell starter kits and we would never sell to anyone that just walked in off the street.We only sell reputable, safe products to reputable, safe professionals. Here’s why:   White and Blue Lion Inc. Tattoo needle and ink recall Durham Region Health Department […]

Health Reports Online – Good or Bad?

Ontario website to include health reports of tattoo shops this fall The plan is to post Health Inspections online in an effort to help customers choose the right location and artist for their tattoo. Now while this sounds like it could be a great step in the right direction, it does present some challenges. It […]

Tattoo Machines Could Be Used in Healthcare

Can tattoo machines really be used to deliver medicine below the skin rather than ink?  Is this the future of healthcare in dealing with skin cancer or psoriasis? The studies are in the early stages but look promising and makes a lot of sense when you think about it. This could be the next […]

Piercing Our Children

A little bit about me on this Wednesday morning: I have a family of five children, three girls and two boys, happily married and working in the tattoo supply business. A couple years back, our son decided to pierce his ear so off to the mall we went. After a rather miserable experience with the […]

SOLabs Test Results

Are you curious about SOLabs’ products and why they really are better than the old vaseline application?   Well, Health Educators Inc. has just released some test results from Bio-Science Labs (BSL) of Bozeman, Montana.  BSL is a highly respected laboratory where many pharmaceutical companies do their FDA mandated tests. Bio-Science Labs Test Results Now since […]

The Tattoo Machine Study

The Tattoo Machine Study : Investigating  Organic contaminants on a bagged and unbagged Tattoo machines We found this study on whether you should cover your machine or leave it uncovered while tattooing.  Interesting to see the difference in contaminants found afterwards. Tattoo Machine Study

Disinfectants for use in Personal Services Settings

Found this information on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide on The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors’ (CIPHI) Website: Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide All of our Virox products contain AHP and are being recommended for use in Tattoo Shops.  Take a look and see if it might be right for you.   Who are the CIPHI? CIPHI represent Public […]