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Art, Music, Skate, Gaffitti and f&%kin’ Tattoos!!

It’s great to see that mainstream wordsmiths are taking an interest in the tattoo scene, specifically the artists, in our hometown backyard. Check out what Will McGuirks piece on Val McBain looks like here:

NIX#17 Toronto Tattoo Show

Art work by Hailin Fu

We are please to, once again, be attending the NIX-Toronto Tattoo Convention! The location has changed, to the Westin Harbour Castle Toronto, but it’s still the same amazing experience! Come by and see us at our booth or just come and get a tattoo by one of the incredible line up! We have stacks of […]

NIX Tattoo Fest

Join Titan Tattoo Supply and for the #NIX16 Pre Party.  What better way to get the Northern Ink Exposure Tattoo Show started than with an amazing party sponsored by Jaggermeister?  The night will feature music by Perfect Gentlemen, Mokomokai and HELLbros!  There will be contests for the Best and Worst Tattoos, and VIP passes […]

Celebrating Female Body Art

Who wouldn’t want a coffee table book filled with beautiful tatted up ladies.  Have a look at this article for a little preview: Female Body Art   I have also added a link to Amazon so the boss sees this and buys the book for the shop: Buy this for us!    

From Counter-Culture to Mainstream

National Post Article What an interesting article on the future of tattoos, even if it is written from a very “narrow-minded” perspective. I realize that is is written for a certain target market, the market that happens to read the National Post, and making positive statements about Tattoos would not be received well by their […]

QR Code Job Application

A Tattoo Shop in Turkey comes up with a new way to apply for a position as an artist. Employers are always coming up with new hiring techniques, whether it be personality testing like True Colours or skill testing to determine if the prospect has what it takes, but this one is truly out of […]

Who Owns My Tattoo?

As tattoos become more and more mainstream, so too does the blatant pirating of original works of art. What protection does the artist have if their work has been copied? Are tattooists protected by copyright laws? How much does a tattoo have to be changed to be accepted as original or at the very least, […]