From Counter-Culture to Mainstream

National Post Article

What an interesting article on the future of tattoos, even if it is written from a very “narrow-minded” perspective. I realize that is is written for a certain target market, the market that happens to read the National Post, and making positive statements about Tattoos would not be received well by their audience. Have we peaked? Is 300 shops in Toronto enough, or do we need more? The comments after the article show us just how ignorant many in our society remain, but why would one expect any different.

Tattoos are more popular now then ever before, and yes this is both good and bad. If they weren’t so popular, we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘scratchers’ coming out of the woodwork, causing both physical and medical issues for individuals who don’t know any better. Without a market for these ‘lowlifes’, we would be much better off. The costs and time it takes to get in to see a real artist is a challenge for young adults who have the “I want it now” mentality.

On the other end of the spectrum, becoming a legitimate art form is drawing many new tattooists with fine arts backgrounds raising the bar of quality art being inked. Graphic artists, animation specialists etc are influencing the tattoo medium in a very positive way. The demand has also helped with new technologies: better inks without heavy metals, better needles (Quantum Inks and needles), improved machines, sanitation procedures (Virox – Accel products), and wonderful after care products (Saniderm and SOLabs).

I have to agree with the article that we will see a decline in the numbers getting tattoos, however I don’t see it going off the cliff. There will be a correction which will likely mean the loss of some shops going forward, but there will still be plenty of business to go around. Tattoo enthusiasts will remain in significant enough numbers to keep quality shops busy which is all we really want anyway.

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As I have read many times – “How will my tattoo look when I am old? F#$@ing Awesome”