Piercing Our Children

A little bit about me on this Wednesday morning: I have a family of five children, three girls and two boys, happily married and working in the tattoo supply business. A couple years back, our son decided to pierce his ear so off to the mall we went. After a rather miserable experience with the piercer not even being capable of lining up the hole properly, I was just hopeful that our youngest son wouldn’t decide to have his done when he hits his teens. Move forward a couple years: our daughters are talking about getting more holes in their ears, but now I work in the trade, and know a bit more about the whole procedure.

Knowledge is power, and this time I was armed with much more information. The different methods used in tattoo shops as opposed to the mall for starters, the sanitation issues associated with the guns used in the malls, the lack of experience an 18 year old at  the Oshawa Centre  has compared to a professional in a shop. The choice for me was clear, and then I found this article which seems to spell it out for everyone.

Why I Took My 7 Year Old to a Tattoo Parlor