Alla Prima Zombie Mid 1oz Bottle



Joshua Carlton and John Montgomery developed the Alla Prima line of inks and quickly became  a favorite of old school artists because of its larger pigment particles, which allows for mixing of custom colours. In addition, Alla Prima, when thinned with sterile water, gives them the ability to alter shades and tones.

Alla Prima Ink colors hold well as tattoos age, staying brighter and bolder longer than pre-dispersed inks. As many artists say, “powder is louder” from the start.

They’re free of PET plastic, acrylic and solvents.

Choose from a full spectrum of Alla Prima ink colors offered in 3 different sized bottles as well as in larger tattoo ink sets.

Alla Prima tattoo inks are vegan-friendly and contain only organic pigments derived from nature.

Mix your Alla Prima Ink very well before each use.

Dilute with sterile water to keep your pigments pure.