Arcane Intro Set 1oz Bottles


Our Arcane Ink Introduction Set includes 7 colours (white, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and black) in 1oz bottles.

Arcane Ink sets, and singles,are ready to ship, in the same manner as all our liquids, sealed in 4mm plastic to ensure that, should a bottle leak in transit, no other products are damaged.

(should one leak, we would replace it and any other product that was affected)



John Montgomery and Josh Carlton developed Arcane as an alternative for new school tattoo artists who prefer to use pre-dispersed tattoo inks.

The Arcane tattoo ink line offers all the same benefits of the original Alla Prima line, which means that Arcane inks are safe, acrylic- and solvent-free tattoo inks made from powdered pigments.

The key difference is that they’re pre-dispersed, which means their pigment particles are broken down into a finer powder than those in original Alla Prima Ink. The smaller pigment particles result in a thinner tattoo ink that’s easier to manage and essentially ready to use right out of the bottle. Minimal mixing is required.

Arcane tattoo inks aren’t meant to mix and manipulate like original Alla Prima pigments. These are pre-dispersed tattoo inks.