QR Code Job Application

A Tattoo Shop in Turkey comes up with a new way to apply for a position as an artist. Employers are always coming up with new hiring techniques, whether it be personality testing like True Colours or skill testing to determine if the prospect has what it takes, but this one is truly out of the box thinking. The shop ran an ad in the newspaper with a blank QR Code, and to qualify for an application, you had to fill in the QR Code and scan it to receive the application. If you fill it in exactly, it will scan, if not, it wont and you wont qualify. Now I’m not sure how I feel about this approach to hiring: yes it does test the artists skill in one department, ‘filling in between the lines’, but what about creativity, effective use of shading and colours, proportion, timing, the list goes on and on. Tattooing is about creating works of art, so a portfolio of your finished work would seem to be a better way to weed out applicants.

Here is a link to the article

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