Personal Service Facility Best Management Practices – Draft

Biomedical Waste Management Guidelines



Regarding operational requirements for tattooing and body piercing facilities, be advised that these services are considered to be personal services as defined in The Public Health Act, 1994 (PHA) and Section 13 of the Health Hazard Regulations.  Under the Health Hazard Regulations personal service facilities must be operated in a sanitary manner, under sanitary conditions and in a manner that prevents the transmission of communicable diseases.  For details, click on to the link below to the PHA and the Health Hazard Regulations:

While we do have guidance documents on the operation of personal service facilties for health region use, the documents are dated and new resources for health region and industry use are currently under development. Once finalized, the documents will be available to the public on the Ministry’s website.

In the interim, should you require information regarding minimum requirements for the construction and operation of personal services offering invasive procedures, you are encouraged to consult with officials from the local public health inspection office. The link below will provide contact information for health region public health inspection offices throughout the province: